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Hello guys! Happy Valentines! Starting this day forward, I’m going to modify the way I post DIY’s here, but don’t worry this is just minimal and you might not even notice the changes.

Anyway, let’s start the DIY! I’m going to show this new DIY made especially for Valentine’s Day. Yes, I know many of you are busy on that one special day of the year, some will be busy with their love ones and some are just going to make their selves busy. So.. To make your valentines busy, you might want to try this DIY. This is extremely easy & you’re going to need some stuff & a small amount of effort to make this one.

This is a top I bought at a thrift store near our place.

Things that you need

3 Easy Steps

and you’re done!

Easy right? You can ask me anything, comments? I love reading comments.

Happy Valentine’s everyone!