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this is my first ever DIY project to post in this blog. i got this idea when i fixed my shoe boxes & saw my old high heels . as you can see (below) it still has a good form except for it’s exterior which is very much messed up.

I have made my 2nd glitter pumps. check it out here. :))

time duration: 3 hours maximum + half day to dry the nail polish

things you need:

& nail polish to cover the black insole

  1. the first thing you need to do is seal off the outsole & insole or other areas that you dont want to have a glitter on.

2. use your brush to put the glue & make sure the glue is just enough and not too thick or too thin; others prefer mixing the glitters with glue. but i prefer this method cause you can control the amount of glue and glitter you are putting.

3. add the glitters! make sure you pat the glitters after, to distribute them evenly & remove bumps.

4. remove the tape….

5. apply the nail polish on the insole. i used two kinds of nail polish both in the shade of pink, i use the lighter shade as my base.

then that’s it..your finish, you have now your own GLITTER PUMPS.. drum rolls please..



better huh? better than the old one.. now i can use my pumps again. recycled! you can always experiment from colors to designs.


so what can you do to minimize the glitters from falling?..

what i did was..i used a hairspray..any hairspray will do.. but better try it first on a small area so that you will know if there is a change in color..sounds crazy but it was effective. the other one is to cover the entire shoes(except for the soles, duh!) with the same glue you use, but it will be pretty messy.. so don’t attempt if you are not willing to spend more time retouching.

it is much easier if you just mix the glue with the glitter?

True, it is much more easier.. but as i said before.. it would be really difficult to control the amount of the glitter and glue if you use that method and you cannot distribute the glitters evenly so there is big chance that there are some areas of thick glitters and some areas with thin glitters.

how much did you spent?

i only spent 50PhP for the glitters. :)) i owned the other materials.

how long will the hairspray stand?

i dunno.. but i’ll let you know when it starts to fall off again.

if there’s a question.. feel free to send me a message!:))