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Wow! I was overwhelmed by the number of searchers in my stats looking for a DIY on glitter pumps, and I instantly got an idea to make a new one. :))

I have my inspiration in mind, unluckily I can’t find it on Google. lol, I’m too lazy. Anyway, you can click here to see the detailed instructions & to check out my first DIY on glitter pumps. :))

Things you need:


Time Consumed: 5-6 hours

This is the shoes before the tweak.


1. Put a mark using a ruler on the front area of the shoes, just like below.

2. tape the areas that you don’t want to put any gold glitters on.

3. get the glue and put it on the shoes, then add the gold glitters.  Then, remove the tape and you can now add the black glitters.

4. final touches.. and your done.. and here it is now…:))

Comments & suggestions.. :))

Thank you guys for the support!

hugs & kisses.