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hi! im back as i promise. this is the second part of my DIY lace shorts project. :))) yey!… sorry if it took me soo long to publish this one, a lot of stuff is going on with me right now:) so lets start, i’m gonna turn this old shorts into a lovely lace shorts


TIME DURATION: depends on how fast you sew. handsew more than a day if using a sewing machine half day.

1. determine how much yard you need.

2. then, sew the top part of the lace to your shorts, start at the bottom and be sure that the above lace will cover the upper part of the lower lace. do that to cover the entire short. and dont forget to run over the laces on a vertical manner to keep them immobile. then, your finish… very easy, but it takes time and patience.:))))))))))

so here is my finish product, my precious work! hope you like it, because i myself love it! <3

isn’t this lovely?? i really loved what i have done with my old shorts. soo.. any questions? comments? suggestions? dont be shy you can ask me anything. :))

p.s. im very excited for the next post. this is to WOF(watch out for!) lol.