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i was supposed to do a fringe top last week but i cannot find any long shirt that i need.. so i searched my entire closet & after hours of searching, this plain black shirt suddenly appeared, then i searched the internet on how to do a fringe top & i saw this blog that just blew me off my feet! her DIY collections are all amazing.. i cant stop browsing her previous post, then i decided to add some sequins on my own fringe top, to honor her amazing blog. check out her blog, click here!

wearing my new DIY!~> i love it.

Let’s start!


ruler, shears , needle & thread

TIME DURATION: 2-3 hours

1. fold the top in half and mark straight lines just like this. (1inch)

2. cut the lines.

3. then to add some design.. this is what i did.

a.get two of the cut fabric & tie it using a double knot.

      b. then get the left part and the right part of two different fringe and tie them together just like this below.

c. then i add some beads, i cut the sleeves and neckline & i put some sequins in the shoulder area.:))

so that’s it! very simple, though adding sequins takes a little effort.

here it is.. the new and improved!

lol. this is my first time posting a whole body shot here, sorry for my awkward pose, my camera was set to 10 sec shutter cause i dont have anyone to take my picture so i was running the whole time, soo… yeahh.. that’s it.. lol.

anyway, what do you think? if you have any questions? or suggestions.. just comment here. :) i would really love that. <3