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hi guys! i am soo back with my DIY’s! it’s been more than a week since my last post here and i want to say thank you to those people who still keeps on viewing despite my long days of absence. :) that’s the reason why im always thrilled to post my DIY projects here, it’s because of you my dear readers. it’s because of you.:))



from: Urban Outfitter dot com

scalloped shorts was last season’s trend, i guess? anyway, you can see celebrities wearing them casually and yes, even formally. I’ve seen one.:) even though it was last season’s trend, scalloped shorts still has it’s own way of catching my attention. it has a laid back appearance which suites my personality perfectly and this opted me to make my own. so here it is..

Let’s start!:)


TIME DURATION: 2-3 hours


1. get your desired length of shorts add 4-6 inches and put a mark. above the mark draw half circles like in the image below.

2. cut it & you will have something like this(below).

3. get 2-3 inches and fold downwards & sew them together just above the fold.

4.we’re almost finish, just some few touches. get your clear nail polish.. and apply thin covers on the hemline, this is to avoid tearing of  the fabric.

5. and now, we’re finally done! here is my very own SCALLOPED SHORTS.. i hope you like it. :))








Hope you like it.:)) comments and suggestions?:)) and oh, before i forgot my blog just turned 2 months last sept. 26! thanks for being a part of it!:))