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hello everyone! back with my DIY. since today’s temperature is very high, & I’m already dehydrated. i have decided to tweek my old top into a wearable Gold Chain Spaghetti Strap. this is a very very easy DIY, anyone can do it. simple yet fab! thus it only took me 1 hour or less to finish it!

so this is my old top. check out the neck part? yikes!

..let’s start!



1. fold the top in half. draw a line just like on the picture & cut it!

it will look just like this.(below)

2. cut the sleeves.

3. cut the strap into half to separate back and front. insert the strap into the chain & tie it using a knot. do it on all the four straps. you can choose if you want a spaghetti strap, cross strap(back), halter etc.

4. add some designs.. :) style it the way you want! put a bow, a button, a stud, a penny?lol anything that you like! and see the major difference…




& viola!!

and now i can wear my old top again! simple, easy and fun! feel free to ask me. im not going to bite you.lol. or… you can subscribe and get your weekly dose of recycled DIY fashion! :)