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this is my first DIY in my 4 DIY’s in 1 week celebration. YEY!! i made it today and so is the second DIY. :) FRINGE, FRINGE, FRINGE…you can see many fringe necklaces in almost every fashion blog, especially in lookbook.. i dunno, but is it “in” right now? anyways.. what i love about fringe is that, it can add a laid-back effect (which i love) on a formal wear and its vertical free-moving appearance that really caught my attention. i love fringe as much as i love lace.. see my previous post? so i have decided to make my own. :) it is very easy, yet very intricate.

TIME DURATION: it took me.. 3-4 hours.. :))

Let’s start!


so.. i have only two tips in doing this; one is, make sure the short strings are equal.. or if that’s the way you want it(not equal string), then go and the second one is always start in the middle it will serve as your mark to make it easier for you to balance the necklace.just like this..

add the short chain string & beads, mix stuffs, beads etc. and always remember don’t forget to have fun!:))

here’s my necklace!:))

me wearing my necklace!:)))

that’s all there is.. fringing my style!:)) any comments/suggestions?:) message me here or leave a comment!