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this week has been a very busy week for me but i kinda like it. i miss being busy, i miss going to school, memorizing terms and analyzing problems, i miss my friends, i miss everything about studying! sigh, those days. :’) anyway, I saw this gold wire on a bookstore and i immediately bought it without having any idea in mind on what to do do with it, cause i know for a fact that i might use it someday, and that someday is today! :) For my DIY project.. I will make 3 bracelets with the same gold wire and beads. This idea is definitely not from the internet nor from someone i know, purely made from my head and crafted by my heart! swag! lol,  let’s start!


TIME DURATION: 1-2 hours


1. get your desired size of bracelet by wrapping the wire around your wrist add 2 inches and fold it in half. insert beads on one end where the fold is. twist the wire so that the bead will stay in place. just like below.

2. design your bracelet by using the beads.

3. when you’re finish designing, attach one bead on the other end and lock it by twisting the wire.

this is very easy anyone can do it.. you just have to have the right idea and the right moves! you have to move like a jagger!lol

so here are my designs, hope you like it!







i have a good names for these 3 pieces. promise you won’t laugh? i’m pretty serious about this! :))

this is how the lock looks like. :))

this one is my favorite, very simple.. i will call this The Minimalist. seriously. :))

this one will be called The Bulk. (sounds like The Hulk)

the last one will be named The Twist. I wonder why?

you laugh didn’t you? hmm? haha! i know cause my sister laugh at me when she heard what i was calling these three bracelets. anyway, i don’t mind!:)) yeahh.. really?!

this is how it looks like while wearing them. :))

do you like it? how about the names? lol. comments and suggestions?:)) thanks everyone for viewing!