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Hello guys! I Want to share with you this easy DIY that I have been doing for.. You know? an hour. Yes, you heard me it only took me an hour to make a choker necklace and you know what, it is made out of only two things;aaaaaa

1.) Jump rings, which are basically an excess from my other DIY and 2.) beads, very common. So, here it is. 1.) open all the jump rings aaaaa 2 .) attach the beads aaaa 3.) connect the other jump ring to the bead that is attach on a jump ring aaa 4.) repeat and repeat until you reach your desired design aaaaaaaaaaa So, mine is like this. I think it’s elegant and sophistacated. You can pair this with a simple dress or tee and jeans. aaa Thank you guys! Hope you like it. :) signature