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hi guys! im back!:)) sorry for this late post… Last DIY on the 4 DIY’s in 1 week celebration. im using a plain white T-shirt for this DIY. well, my last DIY is made out of two different parts; 1. Dyeing & cropping & 2. Collar making. i forgot to take pictures on how to make a collar, but i made an illustration so that you can imagine what im talking about. so, here you go.. 




-Dye: 2 colors in the same hue, im tryng to do an ombre:) and in my case, i chose color pink & red.



-details/any thing that you want to add


Let’s begin:))

1. remove the neckline area of the shirt by folding it just like in the image below, then cut it.. follow the lines when cutting.

2. cut the sleeves & hem line and you will have something like this.

3. then, let’s do the dyeing part. boil a water and put it on a basin & add/mix the lighter dye, soak your top for a few minutes.

4. remove your top on the basin, add a little more hot water then put the darker dye.

5. soak the lower area of your top slowly for a few minutes. remove it, then wash your top with a running water. let it dry.

6. now, let’s add a collar.. sorry, i forgot to take pictures. here’s the first thing your going to do get a piece of fabric, make sure it is big enough for the neck line of your top. fold the fabric into half, then cut it just like the pattern below.

7. you will have 2 pairs, just like this below. using your pattern, make another pair of collar.

8. sew the collar together on the edges, skip the upper area. after that, turn it inside out so that the stitches will not be visible.

9. attach/sew the collar to the neck area of the top.

10. add some details.. then…. voila!! you are finish!

here is the final picture of the top. hope you like it. :))






there it is.. my plain white t-shirt turning into a not-so-ombre cropped top with collar!:)) hope you like it, thanks you!

comments and suggestions are much appreciated. thanks!