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sorry for the long wait.. here it goes.. i asked my mom to give me her blazer cause it’s been stuck in the cabinet for almost a decade.. and i tried it on and.. holy cow! it’s very big and plain.. so i decided to tweek it out.

here is the image before

i look fat and preganant. lol




I alter the size, on the shoulder, bust and hips area and it took me two friggin days! yep, i know.. 2 days is very long for one blazer, believe me i tried searching for a book that says how to alter a blazer for dummies?!haha & i’m using this great method, one of a kind and it’s called.. “The Trial & Error Method”lol

i have this image as my inspiration:) i want to have that not-so-formal effect while wearing blazer..

image from:http://weheartit.com/entry/12070982

here it is..






still looks formal… but why?? ughh

i even put two cute studs on the collar, but it still looks formal.. :(

then, i realized that there are some blazer’s that always meant to look formal just like mine, maybe it’s because of the color or what.. you just have to know how to wear it/paired it with to make it less formal.

so, i decided to wear it with a fun top and a cropped shorts and it looks something just like this.. now i’m happy it doesn’t look that formal nor very laid back.

i know it is not as good as those in lookbook, but hey.. i just tweek my mom’s old formal blazer and turned it to a very nice-anytime-wearable blazer..:) lol, so that point goes for me!:)) what do you think? hmm.. comments anyone?

ps. sorry for the lo-res images.:)