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The second DIY in my 4 DIY’s in 1 week celebration!:)) lovely! WHITE LACE SKIRT, do you know how much i love lace? no you don’t,lol. but i will give you an idea..what do i like about lace? i love it’s elegance.. it’s vintage & classy look with a sweet like effect. uhmm..btw you might want to check my previous post on lace here, & ohh before i forgot.. i also made a DIY on lace shorts click here & here. haha..

and my next DIY will be lace top, lace jacket, lace shoes, lace pants. lol kidding. i think i had enough with laces. for now….lol

and now.. this lace DIY is very common and very easy to do, this is just a very brief explanation how to make a lace skirt. :)


1. Get the measurement of your hips & waist. then, cut the garter depending on your waist measurement.

2. sew the garter and lace all together. make sure it will fill fit your hips, make an adjustment on the lace on the hip area. :))so here’s my finish product.:))

me.. cropping my head. lol. sorry.. i just woke up.. :)) check out my shoes!:)) that’s my first ever DIY post!:)) click here to check it out.

done with second DIY!:)) hope you like it.:)) comments and suggestions are very much entertained.