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Last night, when I got home, I opened my computer and checked my Wordpress. I notice something different, my blog stats was way more higher than before. I saw a link from the referrers directing most of the link to this certain site, so I clicked it and.. HOLY COW! I got stunned, I can’t move, my hand is shaking, and suddenly I can feel my heart beat pounding quickly. Then I continue reading, PHILIPPINE BLOG AWARD?? A FINALIST?? now, I can’t breath, and literally I can’t use my hands because of the intensity of it’s shaking, but finally I got the strength to jump and shout “OH MY GOSH???” For real? I can’t believe it! is this really happening? I am soo confused as ever, I don’t know what to do or where to start. So I searched the site, took me 3 minutes because of the adrenaline, saw the offical facebook page and hell yeahhhh confirmed! but still I’m not yet convinced so.. I emailed them and they immediately answered my inquiries. OK, now this is freaking real.

THE PHILIPPINE BLOG AWARDS, FashionDIY101 blog is one of the finalist in Beauty and Fashion Category – Luzon Level. Thank you soo much! I am over joyed until now. This is the first time I got included in something big as this and definitely the most memorable blogging experience of my life. You see, my blog is still young(4 months young) and I am soo happy that people are acknowledging my works and supporting my interest in recycling fashion & creativity. They’re giving me the strength to let the world know my interest because I’m too wuss to be rejected, but now.. I’m all out and I want to say it loud, I WANT TO WIN & this is all for you guys! Thank you, God bless & more blogging power to us!!