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I am soo totally into Gossip Girl since.. forever!lol I know many of you don’t watch it, you may think it’s boring, same old crappy story.. but for me, Gossip Girl is one of my favorite series, my top 1 favorite actually. For those avid fan like me.. I’m pretty sure that you are very much familiar to this. Blair Waldorf is an Upper East Side Manhattan Elite, Described as “a girl of extremes” by creator Cecily von Ziegesar, she is an overachiever who possesses both snobbish and sensitive sides. Due to her position as queen bee of Manhattan’s social scene(from wiki).

What I love about the story is the on and off relationship status of Chuck and Blair, Dan and Serena’s whirlwind romance(soo.. season 1) and Nate, gorgeous face! he is a one hell of a hottie too bad he doesn’t have any main love interest!(maybe Charlie? I guess) I hate Jenny and Vanessa, good thing they’re gone on the current season.(sorry just saying) but the last season end-er gives me something to look forward to on the next season when Dan and Blair kissed. Are they gonna end up together? That story is kinda different and I like it!:) and I was like marking my calender for the airing of the next season, too bad they didn’t end up together. I think I will enjoy watching them with something more than being just friends & enemies.

Anyway, back to the topic. I’m such a huge fan of Blair Waldorf’s style, I describe her style as vintage and elegant, prints and pattern, preppy and mature. Though I love Serena’s style too, laid back and carefree.. wearable and very much suits my personality, but I want to try something different.. I want to wear more dress and less pants. Be more serious and mature. :)) Soo I decided to make a blog about

My Top 10 Favorite Outfits of Blair Waldorf



 This outfit is very preppy, the tie and the lace tights complemented each other and that blazer.. WOW! very Blair, kudos to Philippe Adec for that lovely blazer.

This was the episode where Blair and Nate broke up and Blair lost her virginity to Chuck inside the limo.. remember? the strip tease in the club?



No one can pull off this layering style but Ms. Blair Waldorf. I love the texture and the vinatage like drama! Dress by Marc Jacobs and cape by Trina Turk.



The white party in the Hamptons, you did it again Blair! that white dress is soo eternal! white lace dress suits her skin tone perfectly!hmm.. this dress kinda reminds me of my lace skirt DIY.

This was the episode where the ever soo popular GG line was said, 3 words 8 letters, say it and i’m yours

dress by by Marc Jacobs.



I love the way she wears that hot pink strappy heels to that blue stripped dress. Added with a simple silver metal cuff & necklace, it makes her look fresh and young. Dress by Co-operative Designs, Cuff bracelet by Alex Bittar & shoes by Elisabeth & James

Blair’s first day in NYU.



She looks as sweet as her pastel blue floral gown by Ralph LaurenChristian Louboutin shoes.

She wore this after the success to eliminate Juliet in the Upper East Side.



This was in W, where she was working or interning? I love how that floral top complemented the hot pink high-waisted shorts and a nude cardigan to balance the color. I just don’t know about the tights, and I’m not sure if this outfit is good for work.. what do you think?

Cardigan by Valentino, blouse by Usai, shorts by Organic by John Patrick

and yes I have 2 no. 5, i can’t seem to ignore this navy blue sailor dress which is very vintage!! I love the collar, very unique and catchy. AYE! AYE! Captain!

Blue velvet sailor dress from Betty Page Collection



Just plain.. AWESOME!! That dress is made for her! love it! I want to have that dress. anyone? please.. :) My gosh, I love it!

Dress by Luisa Beccaria & Christian Louboutin shoes.



Very elegant and gorgeous, suits her body structure. That unique embellishments on the neck area are to die for!! the empire cut gave it the elegant look. I would love to wear that kind of dress to a formal party, please invite me.lol

Dress by Matthew Williamson



My second most favorite is this apple and cherries patterned dress by Moschino, shot at my dream land Paris, France. This was the first episode of season 4 (Belles De Jour)and Blair managed(again) to knock me off my feet with this high fashion Parisian dress! Pairing patterns to patterns is really difficult but she nailed it and don’t forget about the beanie hat, a classic Parisian style!

Bag & Cuff by ChanelChristian Louboutin shoes



And this is my number one! my all time favorite nuff said. kiddin’ haha! This red gown was made exactly for her by none other than Oscar de la Renta! This is what drop dead gorgeous really means! One of Gossip Girl’s breath taking fashion outfit! Classy striking red gown plus simple hair & that hot pink shoes and clutch!! Oh my Gosh! Gorgeous! She’s a born princess.

I remember this episode being soo dramatic. She wore this to the Ball where she was invited by her soon to be husband/Prince Louis and where Chuck and Blair met at the train station after his disappearance and oohh.. that necklace was a gift from Prince Louis.

Roger Vivier clutch, Christian Louboutin shoes & Harry Winston necklace.

So there you have it! my all time TOP 10 Favorite outfits of Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl and I’m looking forward to what will Blair’s gonna wear on her royal wedding, I’m pretty sure it will be more than gorgeous.

You know you love me XOXO,

images are not mine they are from the internet. :))