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wow! i was amaze when i saw this picture trending on twitter. the Eiffel tower (my tower,lol) had been struck by a lightning last July 28, 2008. It was taken by Bertrand Kulik and will appear in the “Lumieres celestes, lumieres des hommes” exhibition in Issy L’eveque, Burgundy. Then i searched the internet about Eiffel & lightning and found out that this was not the first picture of the Eiffel tower being struck by a lightning.

This image below was the first, captured on June 3, 1902, at 9:20 P.M by Camille Flammarion. You can see here how the lightning strikes the tip of the Eiffel tower and in the above photo, how the lightning goes in and out of the tower.

these images are both amazing, imagine how many hours and shots did the photographer spent to capture this astonishing moment and this will go to my Eiffel tower images collection. :)))))

which one is the best shot?:)) pick your vote here.

Photo Credit: Camille Flammarion/Wikimedia Commons & atbreak.com

typo corrected immediately after i published this post. sorry guys esp to my dearest subscribers. :))