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hi everyone! remember the thing that im super excited about 2 weeks ago? well this is it, my friend here Christine from The Big Mac invited me for some blog swap(a.k.a. guest post), where her blog post will be publish on my blog and my post on her blog. YEY!! well, Christine is a fashion designer, how cool is that?! first fashion designer i know!:)) anyway, she has designed for New look, Therapy House of Frasers, Forever 21 and many more. We both have similar love for vintage, fashion.. and thrifted stuffs!:). you can also view my DIY post on her blog. :)) Read more of her post on her awesome vintage blog

The Big Mac

I’m a clothing designer living and working in London and love vintage clothing, I travel a lot to gain inspiration, having been obsessed with buying ‘2nd hand’ stuff for years, well since I was about 14! (which is quite sometime ago) I thought I’d give you a list of my top 5 vintage hotspots of all time!  I also edit the fabulous www.thebigmacblog.com where I’m able to share my inspirations and get rather over excited about my passion for vintage clobber. O.K here goes:

1. Rosebowl Los Angeles

Easily my all time favourite!!! This flea market, on the second Sunday of every month, is the size of numerous football (soccer) pitches – this is one amazing day out. There are entire fields devoted to vintage furniture and collectables, separate fields for clothing and accessories and specialist collectors that sell anything from old wireless sets, TVs, advertising billboards, signage, lighting fixtures – you name it!

A lot of the specialist dealers also sell at the Long Beach Outdoor Antique & Collectables Market, which sadly I didn’t get chance to visit. The prices on the market are super keen and stall holders are always up for a haggle. Amongst the specialist dealers are indie stall holders clearing out granny’s old closet where some of the real gems are found! I bought a 1950’s two-piece lace dress and bolero for $15, so there are some serious bargains to be had.

The parking situation is clearly marked and highly efficient and once through the turnstiles the market is easy to navigate with ample washroom eating facilities. If you’re an early bird you can grab some of the best bits before the masses arrive or if, as for me, Sunday morning is a struggle at the best of times, arrive late and get everything at rock bottom prices! Either way you’re winning. Oh and wear a sunhat, parasol or head scarf – the sun can get pretty darn hot!

2.Rocking Chair Vintage-Berlin Easily, hands down my favourite vintage shop in Berlin. If I were to be a buyer for a shop selecting all my favourite 1950′s gowns, bathing suits, jewellery, accessories, well Rocking Chair is about as close to exactly the type of gear I’d select! I could have pretty much bought any item in there. There was also an excellent menswear section boasting a carefully chosen array of cowboy shirts, country/ western style clothing, Hawaiin shirts, Pilot jackets, 50′s cardigans and sports jackets. The average dress price was around 90- 110 Euros, each piece lovingly kept/ preserved, mostly dating from 40′s & 50′s and the environment is a joy to shop in!

3. CND Shop London Get the tube to Highbury & Islington station, come out onto Holloway road, take a right, head towards Greggs, purchase a steak bake & cornflake bun (optional) and you’ll see it! I could have bought a whole World of dresses/ skirts and scarves, the average prices were, dresses £20-35, skirts £7, shirts £7, well worth a little trip out. There didn’t appear to be a name above the door, who needs a name anyway? My friend they used to be a charity shop hence the ‘CND’ sign sprayed outside, not sure if the cash still goes to charity but the stock is amazing.

4. Address: Ru Du Tempe, La Marais, Paris (directly opposite Hotel duo) This is the best vintage shop I have found in Paris  so far, I always find a treat and with an average price of 10 Euros you really cannot get better! Please don’t ask me the name of this shop as I’ve never known and forgot to check if it actually has a name outside. This store is excellent for bags, they boast 1Euro bins that have some o.k stuff in em, loads of amazing dresses and lots of beaded garments. I always make sure I visit this store and have never been disappointed.

5. Wasteland: Another fabulous vintage store from across the pond with remade vintage garments as well as old designer pieces, there was also rails of regular ‘second hand’ err ‘not yet vintage’  (I’m classing vintage as pre-90s – am I showing my age?) swag too Wasteland has everything from belts, shoes, jackets, luggage and rails and rails of great vintage clothing. The prices varied according to the garments origin, label, date etc, but I would say on the whole the prices were a lot less than you would expect to pay for the same gear in London. I would highly recommend Wasteland –  they have stores throughout the states and the Melrose Avestore is just opposite from Crossroads – a real second fashion exchange which is also well worth a visit. I would love it if you found time to swing by my blog http://www.thebigmacblog.com


The Big Mac

~~Thank you for this amazing post Christine!:)) those vintage shops are all amazing wish i can go to those places someday!:)) a pleasure blog swapping with you!

Guys, dont forget to check out my post on her blog, http://wp.me/p10anL-16v another DIY made by your’s truly, i hope you like it. :))

you can also check out Christine’s official website. Click Here.

comments and suggestions are very much appreciated on Christine’s blog and my blog.:)